Recognising the God Moments

I recently was taught that as christians we have many things where God shows us his presence and we know from the Holy Spirit within us that it could only be a God moment when some of life’s things help us navigate life. It maybe through creation, a word spoken at the right time, someone ringing or visitingwhen we need it most.   So now I look for the God moments each week. I will endeavour to share some of them later on when I have more time.



I have always had a fascination with lighthouses from a early age. I just love to look at them and photograph them.

For me it’s like the song Lighthouse calling me home each time I see one it just gives me the greatest joy deep within my soul.

On a trip with hubby around Australia I conquered my fear of heights with my love of lighthouses by actually walking up the inside staircase of a light house with a narrow winding staircase. It was very claustrophobic but once I reached the view at the top it was exhilarating and spectacular to see the world around me in a different perspective from what one would see at ground level. It did cure my fear of heights at the time.

The coming back down was scary from such a height but if I took it one step at a time it didn’t overwhelm me.

Often life can be like the staircase. We want to get things over and done with by racing ahead but if we learn to take things one step at a time and actually see where we are going, and realise where we have been,  it gives life a different perspective,  than rushing and not taking in the view around us or learning the  lessons life is trying to show us.

Living Creatively

Earlier last year I joined a church craft/art class that incorporate scripture teaching and learning how to use the gifts, skills and talents God has given each of us as individuals to then put into creativity what God has shown us during the lesson each week. Classes have run for 6 week terms. I have met the most amazing inspiring and encouraging people who support each and every one who attends. It’s a joy to be a part of the classes each week.

For me personally I feel very inadequate because art is not my strong suit and craft things I get impatient with but I have enjoyed learning various other art forms and ways of painting and creating things I never knew how to do even though I may not be all that good at it.

So I will also be sharing a part of that journey with you all on my blog here from time to time.

I am learning that life is not meant to be lived in isolation and having fellowship and support is a key part to being a whole person. My social insecurities do surface from time to time and it’s hard to meet new people but I am willing to give it a try. I have formed some very great Christian friendships during my time at the class which is in itself invaluable in the stage of life I am currently in.

So last few weeks I have been reflecting on what I have learnt in the last 2 years since joining.

Here are some highlights so far.

It’s important to try new things for self development and self fulfillment which gives a sense of purpose and meaning to life

It’s ok not to be perfect at everything

It’s a joy to meet new people and learn from them

Having a weekly reflection of “God Moments” is a great start to the week to focus on where God has lead you, what is he showing you, what do you need to learn from him etc

Being able to express a part of my soul in a creative form is something God has placed inside of me from the start. I have always been a hands on person and not good with theory and this just gives me a new creative outlet to express things.

Learning to be still and take time for myself isn’t selfish, its nurturing.

Being able to encourage others and support others expression of who they are has brought so much joy and fun and lots of laughter that has been missing from my life.


During my time at First Place 4 Health I was asked to be a contributing writer for devotions for their 6 week bible study books and other devotional books they have produced. It was a honour and privilege to be included.
I have been published in the following books along with other contributors.

Living Well Devotional Book – 365 Daily devotions for a Balanced Life (First Place) 2006

Light and Healthy Holidays – First Place 4 Health 2008 Pages 43, 112

Healthy Holiday Living – First Place 4 Health 2010 Page 50

A Joy-full Season – First Place 4 Health 2016 Page 95


In late 2018 I am planning on writing some more, with things I have learnt over the last few years so stay tuned for them or things God has recently been showing me in my quiet times.