Salad Bowl Meals

coniston-bakery-2 Often I want a quick meal and don’t want to make it myself.

I have found these salad bowls to be a god send. I found them in Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and even some Bakeries.

Prices are usually $3 on special with a few days before expiry date or  $5 not on special.

I make 2 meals from 1 bowl. Usually 400g serve and I split in half to make 2x 200g serves.

Sometimes I will add  cooked meat  to make it a larger meal.

asian-aldi Asian Salad Bowl – 2 serves – This was $3 on special

asian-woolies Asian Slaw Bag from Woolworth’s – 4 serves – $4

coniston-bakery These are $6 each from local Bakery. They make them in the morning fresh daily. It is a large bowl for me but keeps me going until lunchtime.