Meals: No Cooking

roast-pork-chciken-king  Main meals I don’t have to cook.

roast-pork-chciken-king Roast Pork dinner from local takeout shop that sells Chargrilled chicken and burgers and salads. This meal is $10. I find it a large serve so I split it into 2 meals.

satay-san-choi Satay Chicken Skewers with Satay Sauce from local thai/Chinese restaurants are often enough for me for a light meal.

sushi Sushi is always a good find that is filling. Various places including shopping malls now serve sushi for takeaway. Prices range from $3 for a 1/2 roll or $6 for container like the one shown

prawn-avocado-rice-paper-roll Fresh Spring Rolls with Prawns from Takeaway Japanese in food court or Chinese/Thai and Vietnamese Restaurant. I find them filling enough for dinner or lunch on the go. Comes with Satay or Sweet Chili Sauce.

bahn-mi My favourite Bahn Mi Vietnamese Pork Roll from a Vietnamese Bakery $5. Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner and very filling until the next meal. I get the lot with chili.