Lite N’ Easy

Lite N' Easy Meals

Lite N’ Easy Meals

For several years now I have been wanting to try Lite N’ Easy Meals.

The past 2 weeks I have bought their 7 days menu for 1200 calories. Includes 7 Breakfasts, 7 Morning Snacks, 7 Lunches, 7 Afternoon Snacks, 7 Dinners.

Value for money and I loved each and every one of their meals.

Delivery to your door.

All meals are separated into days meals so there is no confusion. No washing up if you choose not to use plates for many of the dinners and lunches. Such great variety.

I would definitely recommend this meal plan.

The only downfall was they don’t cater for specific diets.

There was a lot of sodium in the meals but if it weren’t for that I would definitely get them again.
But for now I am happy I tried 2 weeks worth and was able to get my sizes back on track


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